October Update

You can join the FOR THE CITY initiative at any time.  For those that are new to this site, scroll down for an overview the initiative.

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Let's Celebrate

To date, $2,312,356.40 has been pledged.

338 households have already begun participating.

$755,974 has already been given.

9497 hours have been given to the city in volunteer service.

Care Center

Done:  We’ve created a leadership team to figure out the operational side of the Care Center.

Done:  We’ve hired Lueder Construction to manage the project

Done:  Construction Documents are completed

Done:  Interior Design Selections for the Care Center

Next step: Construction breaks ground on Sunday, Oct 30

Next step:  We begin taking donations of NEW clothing during the holidays. (Since the store is not constructed, we don’t have the ability to wash clothes. So we’ll only be taking donations of NEW clothing until the store opens.)

Next step:  We’ll begin recruiting volunteers in the spring

Next step: Construction should be done by Sept, 2017

Next step:  The store is projected to open at then of October, 2017

Second Campus

Done: We’ve developed a plan for how the new campus will operate in relation to the current campus.

Done: We’ve thought through the needs of the campus in terms of church services, children’s ministry, etc.

Next step:  Identify a Campus Pastor to hire.

Next step:  Continue the process of identifying the best location.

Next step: The earliest we think the second campus might launch would be fall of 2017.

Note: There are many moving parts to this project, and this may be subject to change.

Over 675,000 people in this city are living without the hope of the gospel.

Hard to visualize how many people that is? Picture a Nebraska Football Stadium full of people. Now picture 8 stadiums side by side.

The magnitude of this breaks the heart of God and calls us to action – to love, serve and reach our city. Over 40 times in the gospels, it says that Jesus was “sent” by the Father. In John 20:21, Jesus says, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” Therefore, we live as “sent” people – a “sent” church. Like Jesus, we want to move toward the brokenness of this world, reconnecting them to the love of God.

“For the City” is all about following Jesus into the needs of the city. God’s compassion compels us to focus outward and to work for the good of our neighbor. We want to take the transforming gospel to all people groups. We want to understand their needs. We want to serve them, even if they aren’t interested in following Jesus. Doing so sets on display the goodness of God.

It’s apparent in Scripture that God cares about cities because they are where great numbers of people live. In Luke 19:41, Jesus weeps over the city of Jerusalem because they were not turning to him for their hope.

In Jeremiah 29:7, God speaks to his people who are living in a foreign city far from their homeland. He instructs them to engage with the unbelieving city around them rather than to live in isolation. He tells them to serve, love and pray for the city so that it would prosper even though the people of the city were unbelievers.

We cannot shake the reality that 675,000 people have not yet found the hope that comes through following Jesus. So that leads us to a bold initiative with three projects outlined in the following pages.

In addition, we want to be a people that bless, pray, serve and give for the city. So we have events and challenges for each of these.

This is a God moment for us a church. He is calling us to take a step of faith forward. In light of the needs of the city. How could we do anything less?

Note to Brookside

Father, show me what step of faith I can take as we live ‘For the City’

It’s been such a privilege for us to co-lead Brookside Church over the last 18 months. God gave Becky and I (Steve) a vision 34 years ago to plant a church in Omaha that would make a real difference in this city. It’s been so fun to see God move and work in people over these years.

Our mission is to help people FIND and FOLLOW Jesus. Over the last several months, we’ve been praying a lot about the future and we really sense God is leading us into a bold new initiative. We are calling this initiative “For The City” because it is all about becoming a church that is focused outward – that takes steps to engage, restore, bless, serve and reach Omaha.

This initiative has three main components:

1)  Launching a second campus
2)  Opening a clothing center for kids in need
3)  Expanding our current facility

By participating in this initiative, you can help Brookside lean into the mission God has given us and be a part of something that will make a difference for generations. As the ideas for these projects have taken shape, we’ve grown more and more excited about the impact they’ll have. As we lean into God, join us in praying, “Father show me what step of faith I can take as we live For The City”.